Cartridge Accessories

Magnetic Minikit USB

This USB should only be used with the Smoke Green Magnetic Battery.


USB Charger

Use the Smoke Green USB charger anywhere a USB connection available, plug into your laptop, desktop computer, usb hub etc. then just plug in your e-cig battery to re-charge!


3 Pin Charger

If you dont have anywhere to plug in your USB charger, not to worry! Simply plug our 3 pin charger into the mains supply and charge up your e-cig from there! Charger suitable for use in Ireland and U.K.


Carry Case

Our beautiful, elegant carry case, ideal for the safe carrying of batteries and cartridges.


Car Charger

Our Smoke Green car charger, ideal for charging up your e-cig when travelling. Simply plug into your car cigarette charger and then connect your e-cig battery.