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Smoke Green Two-Piece Cartridge Range

Smoke Green EGO E-Liquid Range

Smoke Green e cigarettes are simply the best you will find in Ireland, and the best you can buy online. Our Electronic cigarettes are premium quality and we've been in business for several years, since before you probably even heard of an electronic cigarette! You can now buy electronic cigarettes in two different ranges of e cigs, our traditional two piece cartridge range is our flagship product and this is what we started with. Since then we have added the new EGO e liquid range.

Building upon the sucess of our Smoke Green branding, the new EGO e-liquid range is a very special premium product. It's designed and produced using only the very best products which have been developed with significant time and effort invested into research and manufacturing, so we can say with confidence that this e-liquid range is one of the most superior available and offer the best value for money.
The EGO range has been tested extensively, including feedback and direction from our own customers. This testing means that the EGO range is at the level of quality and consistency that supports our claims that EGO is the best quality e-liquid in Ireland, and at a price that delivers on value.