Customer Reviews

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Maurice Corrigan, Galway
"I have been using these e-cigs for several months now and am delighted with the product. I just love that freedom to use my e-cig pretty much anywhere - airports, airplanes, restaurants included! And it's so easy to use as well as saving me a couple of grand per year , absolutely delighted."
Mary Lacy, Wexford
"I wanted something that wasn’t going to be easy to figure out and use.With this e cigarette there are just two pieces to screw together and you’re ready .I had used another e cigarette from another supplier which had a separate atomiser which needed refilling, cleaning etc and was really a pain to use but with this one when the cartridge is empty you just unscrew and replace with a new one, its as easy as that."
Noel Langan, Malahide
"I was skeptical when I purchased the kit but that has changed now, I have been trying for years to reduce or give up smoking completely but after using this e cigarette I have reduced my tobacco cigarettes to 5 per day and am greatly enjoying using this product"
Darren Shielde, Dublin
"I have been a heavy smoker all my life and have tried everything from patches to Champix and electronic cigarettes without success until I starter using this ecig, its marvelous, the battery gives me nearly 8 hours of smoking before I have to charge it and the cartridges seem to be equal to 20 - 25 tobacco cigarettes. I havent smoked a tobacco cigarette in five months."
Craig Jones, Cork
"Ive been using another brand of e cigarette where the liquid is in bottles, its Fred Flintstone stuff compared to e-cigs Smoke Green, no more cleaning and trying to put drops of nicotine into the cartridge, theres even an apple flavour, keep it up guys!"
Eoin Wain, Dublin
"Im saving a fortune since I came across this electronic cigarette"