Will the EU ban Electronic Cigarettes?

In September last year several sources on the web reported that the European Union may be preparing legislation to ban electronic cigarettes across the EU.
One year on and there is still no sign of a ban, but maybe tighter controls which isn't a bad thing.
The internet is rife with theories on why this ban may come into force, and most analysts think it's got nothing to do with health & safety. The traditional tobacco industry is subject to huge taxes which cannot be enforced on electronic cigarette products, so the conspiracy theorists among us may suggest that governments do not like the fact that they could stand to lose an awful lot of money in tax if smokers quit the traditional cigarette in favour of an e cigarette.
The fact remains that e cigs are much more healthy than traditional cigarettes, there has been no evidence from any tests to suggest that they are dangerous in any way. Any ban on e cigs would directly effect millions of peoples efforts to give up the deadly traditional cigarette, and therefore would hamper a move to prevent smoking related cancer and other diseases. We think this is totally wrong, and if you do too then please sign the online petition to make your voice heard: