What Type of Vaper Are You?

Are you a puffer? A pacifier? A primer? If you are wondering what type of vaping style best describes you, keep reading. 
Those who can best be described as puffers are amongst the majority of electronic cigarette users, as this style closely mimics the action of tobacco smoking. Puffers will take a long, deep drag of their e cigarette, inhale the vapour into their lungs along with a little bit of fresh air and then exhale gently. This process will then be repeated two or three times in a row in short succession.
Also often referred to as heavy vapers, pacifiers are those who always seem to have their electronic cigarette in their hand or their mouth. Pacifiers often remove the battery or atomiser so their device is off, and they simply suck on the e cig for comfort or as a habit without actually inhaling any nicotine or vapour.
Primers are those who always give their electronic cigarette a quick, sudden draw before enjoying a longer inhale. This habit often stems from not using an e cig for a while and then needing to prime it by making sure the atomiser has enough juice to create a deeper, more satisfying draw. It's often also called jump-starting, and primers may find they create a habit that then becomes their normal vaping style.
Mouth Inhale
Mouth inhalers are similar to puffers, but no fresh air is brought into the equation. You simply enjoy a deep draw from your e cigarette and hold the vapour in for as long as you desire. For those who use e-pipes and e-cigars, this is a popular style as the device does not need to leave your lips.
Lung Inhale
Lung inhalers are those who draw as much vapour as possible straight into their lungs, hold on to it for an extended period of time and then exhale slowly. It's similar to the sucking process you’d utilise to start siphoning, and lung inhalers are after a strong throat hit and don’t want their vapour to be diluted with any fresh air. 
Deep Lung Inhale 
This style is for the ardent vaper who wants to get the maximum amount of nicotine intake and create the biggest vapour cloud. Most cloud chasers have mastered the art of the deep lung inhale and are able to inhale as large a draw as possible for an extended period of time and exhale massive plumes of vapour in rapid succession.