A Vaping Subculture That Just Keeps Growing

Ever since vaping burst on to the scene a few short years ago, it’s been altering people’s perceptions of smoking and the way they enjoy their nicotine. The e cig has changed the way so many people smoke, and the word vaping has been entered the Oxford dictionary and was the official new word of 2014.
Vaping has also spawned an entirely new subculture that keeps growing and changing as new electronic cigarette developments emerge, new flavours of e liquid are mixed and modding becomes even more popular.
The Vaping Generation
The emerging vaping subculture that’s been spurred on by the e cig is one that’s created an entire new generation of enthusiasts who are well informed about their electronic device and prepared to stand up for their choice. With vaping not being the same as smoking, this comparison is the biggest bone of contention that many have, especially when ostracised for using an e cigarette. 
Vapers have become almost hostile to those who compare using an e cig to tobacco smoking, as there is a massive difference between the two activities, and a lack of understanding is often something that causes discrimination. This new generation is passionate about vaping, and it’s clear that once someone discovers the benefits of an e cig, they too are sure to express their satisfaction with this smart alternative to tobacco.
An Industry That’s Smoking Hot
Vaping cafes, YouTube channels, magazines, cloud-chasing competitions, modding exhibitions, clothing, accessories and a host of other products all tie in with vaping and are a large part of the culture. Vaping is considered a trendy alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and this trend looks set to stick around for the foreseeable future as the subculture grows bigger all the time.
Attracting people from all walks of life, vaping’s unifying factor is the fact that it has such a positive effect on your lifestyle. Former tobacco smokers will find that they are no longer plagued by the pungent smell of cigarettes and that vaping has opened up a whole new world of flavours and experiences. The vaping industry continues to attract new fans, and as the subculture expands and diversifies, it's sure to pull in even more people who want to try out an alternative to tobacco that’s tasty and very satisfying.