Understanding and Attaining the Perfect Throat Hit

When smokers, ex-smokers or those who simply want to try vaping buy electronic cigarettes, they often look at the advertised puff count, as this is a factor that’s extensively marketed. What isn’t a focus of marketing, but is just as important to many, is the throat hit.
The throat hit is a key element of what makes vaping so satisfying, as it’s a completely unique feeling. Only smoking or vaping with nicotine can produce this sensation, and there’s no other way to replicate the enjoyment you’ll get from a truly rewarding vaping experience.
What Is Throat Hit?
The term throat hit may sound rather unpleasant, but it’s actually used to describe the very pleasant feeling you get when inhaling on your e cigarette. As the vapour hits the back of your throat, it creates a warm and somewhat sharp sensation that abates when you exhale.
This warm feeling is termed a throat hit and is one of the many reasons smokers who buy electronic cigarettes are able to enjoy the same sensation they have previously had from tobacco, but without the harmful chemicals. An integral part of vaping, the throat hit is something that is enjoyed with every flavour of e liquid, with some options such as menthol and mint enhancing it even more.
Achieving a Satisfying Vape
Mastering the art of vaping can take a few tries, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll find it immensely enjoyable. To attain the perfect throat hit, you’ll need to pay attention to three factors: your battery, the strength of nicotine and the flavour of e liquid. All three of these factors play a role in achieving a satisfying vape time after time.
A fully charged battery is essential, as the strength of the battery affects the pull of your draw. If your battery is going flat, then your pull will be lacking and vapour production minimised. The stronger the nicotine and the flavour of your e liquid, the better your throat hit will be, and if you prefer a very powerful sensation, it’s always best to opt for a higher concentration of nicotine.
A satisfying throat hit is a great incentive for many to buy electronic cigarettes, especially after trying one out and realising all of their benefits. The throat hit is part and parcel of a fulfilling vaping experience, and thanks to the variable nicotine levels available and the incredible array of e liquid flavours, you can get the desired result and indulge in a throat hit that’s the ideal strength.