Top Tips for New Vapers

Electronic cigarettes have created a whole new breed of smoker, or to use the correct terminology, ‘vaper’. The act of vaping, is so called because unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that produce smoke, these electronic devices produce vapour. This is fast becoming enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Vaping can, however, take a little bit of practice and beginners may wish to review these tips to ensure that they maximise their experience from the first draw.

Change your expectations

Vaping is not smoking and although you will enjoy the same nicotine release the actual act is somewhat different. There’s no lighting of a cigarette and there’s no smoke, so you’ll need to get used to the throat hit the vapour offers when you inhale. You will also find that you may need fewer puffs of your electronic cigarette to feel satisfied, whereas with a tobacco cigarette you had to smoke for longer to enjoy the same result.

Practice makes perfect

Learning how to inhale is an art form and it takes time to perfect your ideal draw. Refine your vaping technique right from the start by taking gentle, long, slow draws rather than short puffs and always make sure that your battery is charged for optimum enjoyment.

Experiment with E liquids

The array of e liquids available for electronic cigarettes is astounding. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, mint or tobacco flavours, it may take some time to find your favourite. Don’t be scared to experiment with different flavours, and be prepared to try out a few different options before settling on one or two that you prefer.

Plan ahead

Initially it may not be easy to work out how long your e liquid reserves or battery will last, or when you will need to change your cartridges, so it’s best to always be prepared and keep spare equipment with you. In time you’ll be able to determine exactly how long your batteries, cartridges and e liquid will keep you vaping, but in the beginning its better to be equipped.

Observe the etiquette

E cigarettes are not like tobacco cigarettes and they don’t release a pungent odour; nor do they create a smoky environment. It is important, however, to always respect those around you, and before you start vaping check that it is an appropriate action that will be welcomed by others.

These tips should start you on your way to enjoying electronic cigarettes at their best and will set you up for a vaping future that’s pleasurable and trouble free.