Three Biggest E Cigarette Myths Debunked

E cigarettes have become a worldwide hit and have created a multi-million-dollar market that spans Ireland to Indonesia and Switzerland to South Africa. When a product hits the market and is almost instantly such a success, there are always going to be rumours that abound. And when you are looking to buy electronic cigarettes, you are sure to find that there are certain myths that surround these devices. We’ve debunked three of the most common myths to give you a better understanding of these hi-tech cigarettes.

E Cigarettes and Tobacco

One of the biggest misconceptions about e cigarettes is that they are a tobacco product; however, this is not the case. Although tobacco-flavoured e liquids are available, there is no tobacco used in vaping. Nicotine is optional, as e liquids can contain between nil and 24mg of the substance, but these liquids are made up of water, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine and do not contain any tobacco. 

Lighting Up

Unlike a traditional tobacco cigarette, e cigarettes do not need a flame to “light” them. The atomiser simply heats up enough to create a vapour from the e liquid and produces the satisfying cloud of smoke that vapers enjoy. There is no naked flame, no coal and no risk of fire. Some brands do have a glowing red tip that appears to be alight, but this is simply a coloured light that mimics the glowing tip of a cigarette.

E Cigarettes and Cost

Despite appearances, e cigarettes are for the most part a cheaper alternative to tobacco cigarettes. There are, of course, some very pricey models out there, so when you buy electronic cigarettes it’s always important to get the best deal. Due to the massive market that these smart devices have created, costs are kept comparatively low as competition is fierce, and when you compare the cost of an e cigarette and e liquid to endless boxes of cigarettes, you’ll quickly find that the electronic version works out to be much cheaper than the analogue. A 10ml bottle of e liquid could be equal to as many as 100 cigarettes, and when you vape you don’t need to smoke right down to the filter to enjoy a satisfying experience!
Now that you know a little bit more about the common myths surrounding these devices, you can make an informed decision when you buy electronic cigarettes to begin your vaping journey.