Social Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping has become a multi-million pound industry and an increasing number of tobacco smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes. The positive aspects of vaping are numerous, with significant social advantages for those who have stubbed out their last cigarette and switched to the electronic alternative. No longer are smokers social pariahs who have to huddle outside in the cold, ensuring that they remain an obligatory distance from any building entrances. Rather, those who have switched to vaping are now able to enjoy nicotine without the stigma.

No more unpleasant odours

The pungent odour produced by a tobacco cigarette can almost be considered a hallmark of the product. However many consider it an unpleasant smell that seems to linger forever. Cigarette smoke also clings to everything from clothes to curtains, with smokers and non-smokers alike finding this unappealing. Smoker’s breath and the smell of stale cigarette smoke is often considered offensive, and many people steer clear of those who have been indulging.

In contrast, e-cigarettes don't create lasting odours as the vapour evaporates almost instantly. Nor does it contain the same chemicals as a tobacco cigarette. This makes e-cigarettes far more socially acceptable as they are virtually odourless. At the very most you’ll smell a pleasant, slightly sweet aroma of an e-liquid that may be flavoured with anything from a tobacco emulate through to vanilla or fruit. Your home, car, clothes and hair will also not smell unpleasant, with friends and family happy to enter what may previously have been regarded as an impenetrable "smoker's den".

No mess, no fuss

With e-cigarettes the days of dirty ashtrays, accidental burns and nicotine stained walls and ceilings are over. This means that your home stays clean; there is no ashtray for the cat or a toddler to knock over; and a feeling of clean air welcomes your visitors. For non-smokers this can have a significant impact on their desire to visit someone or to spend time in the presence of a smoker.

Vaping is becoming increasingly socially acceptable as smokers and non-smokers alike become aware of the products and the contrast with traditional tobacco. When out and about it’s possible to vape without adversely affecting anyone else in the immediate vicinity. As acceptance grows, the need to leave an occasion to go outside to light up is reducing. This means that smokers who may have previously spent half the night outside or itching to have a cigarette can do so. There are no cigarette butts to dispose of, no ash and no matches to litter the environment.

Social impact

Over the years the social impact of tobacco smoking has taken its toll and everyone from potential romantic interests to employers have been influenced by whether a person smokes. The view of tobacco smoking is now largely negative and restrictions surrounding cigarettes are at an all-time high. Vaping, on the other hand, is far more acceptable. Whilst policies vary from establishment to establishment, you can vape with far more confidence without being seen as unhealthy and irresponsible.

E-cigarettes offer a great alternative for any smoker who is looking to enjoy nicotine. The social benefits of these devices are numerous, and there’s no reason to resort to tobacco when these electronic devices offer such significant advantages.