Saving Money with E Cigarettes

Aside from their great taste, lack of pungent smell and the fact that they are far more socially acceptable than tobacco cigarettes, one of the biggest advantages of e cigarettes is that they can actually save you money. The cost-saving benefits of electronic cigarettes are immense, especially if you were a pack-a-day smoker and have made the switch. Here are just some of the ways you’ll save money when switching for analogue to digital.

Save on Tax

At present, e cigarettes are not subjected to the same high taxes that their tobacco counterparts are, and a ‘sin tax” does not apply to these devices. This means that there are no rising prices and that the market can be competitive without being overpriced. The e cig industry is not burdened in the way the tobacco industry is, and products can remain much cheaper as they are not subjected to additional taxation, giving you more money to spend on e liquids or other enjoyable pursuits.

More Savings

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is expensive, but with an e cigarette you have a one-off purchase of the actual device and thereafter you only need to buy e liquid and cartridges on a regular basis. Your e cig is long-lasting and just a few drops of e liquid are the equivalent of a whole box of tobacco cigarettes - yet so much safer and cleaner. When you do a comparison between an e cig and a box of cigarettes, you’ll quickly see that the electronic option is far more economical.

Unexpected Cost Cuts

Many vapers suddenly notice that when they switch from tobacco to e cigs they buy less chewing gum, use less perfume and do less laundry. The consequences of switching to electronic cigarettes are far-reaching, and if you’ve been trying to mask the smell of tobacco, you’ll quickly find out exactly what it previously cost you when you are no longer trying to eliminate the odours it caused. These small expenses definitely add up over time, and within a few months you’ll notice the difference.
E cigarettes allow you more control over your vaping and nicotine intake and also offer you the chance to cut back on expenses whilst still experiencing a satisfying draw. You can choose the amount you spend on e liquids and cartridges and keep costs low, or you can splash out and treat yourself to an array of flavours. Overall, e cigs offer a great cost-saving alternative to tobacco and are far more enjoyable.