Learning the Language of E-Cigarettes

If you have recently stared vaping, you may have found that there’s a whole new language that comes along with this activity. To help you understand some of the more common terms, we’ve compiled a short glossary to make sure that when it comes to e cigs, you know what you’re talking about.

From Analogue to Dry Cleaning

  • When you start vaping, you may overhear vapers talking about smoking analogue cigarettes and this refers to tobacco cigarettes, as e cigs are considered to be the digital option. 
  • Atomizer or “atty” refers to the heating element in your e-cigarettes that vaporises the e-liquid and creates the vapour that you inhale. 
  • An e-cigarette's cartomizer is something you’ll hear a lot about, and this cartridge combines an atomizer and an e-liquid reservoir to facilitate vaping when it is heated up by the coil, which is the atomiser's heating element.
  • When vaping you may experience what’s known as a dry hit, which refers to taking a draw without any vapour being produced. This is not the same as a dry burn, which refers to a method used to clean atomisers to extend their life span.

E-Liquids to Wicks

  • E-liquid is the fluid that is used in your e cigs to create the vapour, and e-juice is another name you’ll often come across in this context. 
  • You might hear other vapers talking about mods, and this refers to a device that has been modified in one way or another, either in an attempt to get an enhanced performance or for aesthetic value.
  • When someone talks about nic, they are not referring to a person but to the abbreviation for nicotine or nicotine content. The milligram (mg) amount of nicotine in your e-cigarette affects the strength of the draw and is an important part of vaping.
  • PG and VG are important terms as they refer to the composition of e-liquid and affect your vaping experience. PG stands for propylene glycol, which is synthetically produced, and VG stands for vegetable glycerine, which is a natural substance. 
  • The tank in an e-cigarette is your e-liquid reservoir, and when you enjoy a throat hit from your device it will depend on what type of e-liquid you have selected. 
  • The wick in your e cigs is the component that soaks up this liquid and makes vaping possible.
Now that you have a basic handle on the glossary of terms used when vaping, you’ll be able to understand more about these amazing devices and the way they work!