Keeping Your E Cig Cartridges in Top Condition

Your e cig cartridges are the key to a satisfying vaping experience, so keeping them in great shape should always be a priority. To obtain maximum value out of these cartridges, you need to handle them with care, and these tips tell you a bit more about how you can look after them properly and prevent damage.
Correct Storage
When their not in use, it's essential that you store your cartridges out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment. It’s also best to store these items on their side so that the e liquid doesn’t pool at the one end.
Keep Them Dry
Whilst this may sound obvious, your e cig cartridges should never get wet. You can store them in the refrigerator, but before using them you must let them warm up to room temperature - if they are too cold, they may damage the battery.
Keep Them Fresh
Cartridges need to be opened and used within a reasonable period of time. Don’t leave them lying around for months and expect a satisfying vape, as they may have deteriorated in quality.
Use Correctly
You should never blow or exhale into the cartridge, subject it to extreme heat or try to freeze it. These products must be used in the manner in which they are intended, and looking after them will only serve to benefit you.
Respect the Refill
If your cartridge is not refillable, do not try to refill it. However, if it can be refilled, make sure you don’t over-fill it or let it run completely dry - this will be hugely detrimental to the vapour produced. If you get a burnt taste when vaping, your cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced immediately.
Don’t Over-Puff
Shorter puffs will decrease vapour production, but it is vital that you don’t over-draw on your device and overheat the cartridge. Taking just enough puffs will conserve your e cig cartridge and ensure you enjoy a longer and more rewarding vape.
Avoid Seepage
Holding your e cigarette in your mouth between draws is never advisable, as breathing results in vapour being formed and forced down to the cartridge, creating unwanted moisture around the battery and potentially damaging the device.
By following these simple tips, you’ll enjoy an exceptional vaping experience and your cartridges will last longer and perform better.