The Ins and Outs of Stealth-Vaping

Stealth-vaping is something that many vapers quickly learn, and it’s a valuable skill for those who want to use their electronic cigarettes without being noticed. In a nutshell, stealth-vaping is the act of using your e cigarette in such a way that those around you are none the wiser, and this sneaky method allows you to enjoy your nicotine without being scrutinized.
Stealth-vaping isn’t designed to encourage you to vape in places where you shouldn’t; instead, it’s for those who want to vape without drawing attention to themselves. Often vapers are subjected to criticism from non-vapers or repeatedly have to explain their devices and the science behind them, so stealth-vaping is perfect for an enjoyable draw without the questions. A recent study of over 2000 people who regularly use electronic cigarettes showed that 67% thought that stealth-vaping in the right place was acceptable, clearly showing how this trend is set to grow as more people catch on to its benefits.
How to Stealth-Vape
Now that you know a little bit more about stealth-vaping you may want to try it for yourself, so we’ve explained how you can enjoy electronic cigarettes without detection.
For a start, it’s essential that you have the right equipment - and the smaller the device the better. You’ll also need to select an e juice that produces minimal vapour, and for this purpose you’ll find that the propylene-glycol-based options work best, as they are less prone to producing the big puffs of vapour that the vegetable glycerine creates. The PG-based option can offer a better throat hit too, so it has additional benefits, and if you are using a smaller device you may want to opt for a higher nicotine content.
Master the Art 
Perfecting stealth-vaping is simple, and there are several techniques that can be used to attain a satisfying experience. The ‘second inhale’ technique is one that many vapers use, and this involves inhaling a second lungful of air after vaping, then holding your breathe for a few seconds before breathing out. ‘Swallowing vapour’ also works, and this is done by inhaling and then swallowing the vapour and exhaling through your nose. Other techniques for stealth-vaping also include putting your hand in front of your mouth or exhaling downwards or into a napkin.
As with all types of vaping, it’s essential that you are considerate and respect restrictions on electronic cigarettes where they are enforced, but there’s nothing wrong with a little stealth-vape where it’s acceptable!