How E Cigarettes Are Saving You Money

E cigarettes offer numerous benefits, and one of the areas where vapers will notice the biggest difference is in their pockets. The amount of money you save when switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes is remarkable, and the direct and indirect savings will quickly start to add up. 
A Cost-Effective Alternative
For regular smokers, the pack-a-day habit can become expensive, especially as tax on these items tends to increase year after year. E cigarettes may require an initial outlay, but vaping every day has minimal costs attached. E cig refills, e liquids or new cartridges are about the only expenses you’ll have to cover, unless you decide to venture into the world of modding. 
No Smoke, No Smell
Tobacco cigarettes smell extremely pungent, whereas e cigarettes have little or no odour. For those who smoke tobacco there is an ever-present smell of smoke, and the costs of laundry, cologne, perfume, breath mints and other associated tools to mask or remove the smell can add up rapidly. You’ll also save money on lighters and ashtrays as well as all the cleaning products you use to keep your home smelling fresh and smoke-free.
Refills vs Refuse
With every box of cigarettes you smoke, you are essentially throwing money away, but with an e cigarette you keep your device and simply use e cig refills to keep vaping. These refills are incredibly cost-effective and generally cost less than a box of tobacco cigarettes and last longer. E cig refills are a great way to cut costs, and if you stock up on these, you are sure to keep saving with every draw.
Cut the Chemicals
Tobacco cigarettes are laden with chemicals, and sore throats, persistent coughs and a susceptibility to colds and flu are all symptoms smokers suffer from. E cigarettes don’t guarantee that you won’t get sick, but the side effects are far fewer and the high costs of doctors’ visits and medication, as well as time off from work, won’t add up as they did in the past.
These are just a few of the ways e cigarettes are saving you money, and if you want to cut costs without cutting back on enjoyment, these electronic devices offer the ideal alternative.