The History Of Electronic Cigarettes

The idea of an e cigarette was actually first conceived way back in 1963 by a man called Herbert A. Gilbert. He even registered a patent for his idea which was based on "a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette". A number of companies showed interest in the idea and expressed their desire to manufacture the device, but for reasons unknown the device was never commercially produced and was unheard of after 1967.

The modern day electronic cigarette is generally agreed to have been invented by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik in 2003. The idea of a harmless vapour which behaves and feels like smoke when inhaled was Hon Lik's idea, he proposed detailed specifications of how to achieve this by means of a vapourised jet of liquid which can provide nicotine into the bloodstream. The two piece e cig design with a cartridge and battery mouthpiece was also Hon Lik's idea, and this is the very same design you can find on our Smoke Green products today.

Electronic cigarettes first went on sale in China in 2004 and since then the market has exploded with a rapid growth in sales and general adopation of electric cigarettes by tobacco smokers as an aid to quit smoking, you can check out some staticts here

It is expected that the growth of e cigs will continue and despite some expected resistance from tobabacco companies and health bodies, it is generally accepted that e cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to tobabbco cigarettes, and they can be used as a genuine way to stop smoking. It is likely that further legislation will be brought in to control the sale of electronic cigarettes but this is nothing to worry about and here at Smoke green we will welcome this, as it will protect you as a consumer and prevent the many 'fly by night' sellers of questionable products.