The Hidden Benefits of E Cigs

E cigarettes have become a worldwide sensation, and their numerous advantages, such as their lack of pungent smells or clouds of smoke, are obvious. However, there are a few hidden benefits of these electronic devices that you may not have considered. 

There’s No Smoke Without Fire

When it comes to e cigs this statement is completely true, as instead of smoke your cigarette will produce clouds of vapour. The vapour is caused by the e liquid heating up, and there’s no flame or fire required to do this. This means that the chance of causing a fire with an e cigarette is reduced to nil, as you won’t be using a match or lighter to light up, and nor will you have a burning coal that could fall off and set fire to something. You’ll never have to worry about leaving a lit cigarette unattended or burning a hole in your clothes or upholstery, as e cigs are completely non-flammable.

First Impressions Count

When meeting someone for the first time, whether in business or your personal life, the first impression is very important. Tobacco smokers are already at a disadvantage when meeting new people, but if you are vaping you may find that you make a far better first impression. E cigs show that you are concerned about your health, and they are far more socially acceptable, especially as they have no smell and no smoke.

No More Lost Lighters

With an e cigarette “lighting up” is simple, and you’ll never singe your eyebrows off on the toaster again. With no need for a flame and with multiple options available to charge your device, you can enjoy vaping anywhere and at any time without worrying about needing a match. The frustration you feel when you want a draw of nicotine but have no means to light your tobacco cigarette will be no more, and vaping is not fraught with worry about where you last put your lighter.

Good Manners Go a Long Way

E cigarettes are considered to be a far more polite option than tobacco cigarettes, and those around you will not be negatively affected by second-hand smoke and all of its health implications. Often others won’t even notice if you vape, and it seems to be a more considerate option that lighting up, even in a smoke-friendly zone.
These four benefits are just a few of the more obvious ones that many vapers don’t think of, and enjoying your nicotine the electronic way is definitely a cleaner, safer and more environmentally conscious option.