Electronic Cigarette Etiquette

These days, the smoking of tobacco cigarettes is regulated absolutely everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to light up in a public place. Fortunately, the e cigarette still allows you to enjoy nicotine without the stigma or the pungent smell, but there are still some rules that you’ll need to observe when vaping around others.

Understand That You Can’t Vape Everywhere

A common misconception of many new vapers is that they can use their e cigarette absolutely anywhere. Whilst these devices may not give off a smell or smoke or release harmful chemicals into the air, there are areas where vaping may not be allowed or acceptable. Be mindful of where you vape, especially indoors in a restaurant, a business or any other establishment that may not look too kindly on this activity. Vaping gives you the freedom to enjoy nicotine in a different format, but being mindful of your environment is always essential.

Be Prepared to Educate

For many, the idea of vaping is completely new, and there may be some misconceptions behind the activity. Be prepared to educate others about vaping, and always do so in a courteous and pleasant manner. If someone asks you politely not to vape in their vicinity, it may be because they are uninformed, but it’s best to be polite and put your e cigarette away. It’s especially important to not vape around children, in care facilities or hospitals, or in any other situation that may make others feel uneasy. 

Respect Other People’s Wishes

If you are asked in a reasonable way to refrain from vaping in a public space, it’s always best to agree. If you are in public and unsure of where to vape, you can always search for a smoke-friendly zone or smoking section, have a few draws and then leave, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t made anyone uncomfortable.

When in Doubt, Ask

It may be tough trying to work out if you can vape in a particular situation, so instead of earning yourself a reputation for being rude, just ask. The worst anyone can say is no, and as vaping is relatively new many bars or restaurants won’t have signs up yet that regulate the use of these devices. By showing consideration to others, you may find that vaping becomes more acceptable, and you could just change people’s misguided opinions simply by being courteous.
E cigarette etiquette is relatively simple, and when in doubt it’s always best to use your discretion - ask and make sure that you engage in an appropriate course of action.