E Cigarettes in the News

Whether you are new to vaping or have been enjoying e cigs for a long time, you’ll know all about the negative press that these electronic devices have garnered. It seems, however, that what it boils down to is that good news doesn’t sell and scaremongering and other hype-inducing tactics are the ones that keep readers enthralled. Often a distinctly unbalanced approach to electronic cigarettes is being taken, and vaping supporters who have conducted research into e cigs are becoming increasingly vocal in getting their positive opinions acknowledged wherever possible.
Creating a Balanced Media Perspective
Recently, Professor Robert West from the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of London took to Twitter and other online platforms to express how difficult he was finding it to have positive electronic cigarette research information published. West suggested that the press simply prefers to focus on the negative, that sensational headlines pull in the readers and that no one is interested in articles that offer a new or positive perspective on a sometimes contentious topic that many still need to be educated about.
Let the Trials Do the Talking
The e cigarette industry is very much in favour of short- and long-term trials and welcomes the research that’s being done by many respected establishments and individuals. The hope is that if enough trials are completed and the results released, the media will start taking an unbiased approach to e cigs and all the benefits that they offer.
As more and more information relating to e cigarettes filters into the public domain and studies reach their conclusion, the press will have to sit up and take notice. Extravagant and somewhat scary stories that have previously been published are hotly refuted, and as trial data becomes readily available, vapers are able to turn to real facts and use them to support their use of e cigarettes.
Big tobacco companies have offered extreme resistance to vaping and have, in part, seemingly been responsible for their poor press. The vaping industry poses a threat to the big tobacco companies, and part of the problem is the vast amount of competition that’s arisen. Fortunately, in the court of public opinion vaping is a winner, and an increasing number of well-informed smokers are switching from tobacco cigarettes to these safer alternatives.