E Cigarettes and the Environment

Recent studies have shown that on average tobacco smokers are responsible for creating more than 84,000 tons of air pollution annually. This immense figure is equal to half of the pollution created by cars in the USA in just one year and is a scary statistic, as it shows just how many tobacco smokers are still lighting up chemical-laden cigarettes. 
In contrast, an electronic cigarette does not release vast quantities of harmful pollutants into the air, and there’s no risk of spreading disease-causing chemicals and dangerously toxic second-hand smoke. When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, quantities of ammonia, arsenic, acetone, tar and formaldehyde are released. However, when you are vaping, you’ll only be expelling small amounts of nicotine gas, water vapour and PG or VG liquid. 
Water and nicotine both occur naturally in the atmosphere, and as e cig cartridges do not require any flame in order to heat up the vapour, these elements are released in tiny amounts and are not a result of a burning chemical reaction. This means that e cigarettes are far cleaner and environmentally friendly and that vapers are drastically reducing their carbon footprint if they stub out tobacco cigarettes for good.
Reduce and Recycle
Every time an analogue smoker finishes a cigarette, they are left with a butt that needs to be disposed of and can take ages to decompose, leaching harmful chemicals into the earth. However, with electronic cigarettes there are very few disposable components, and only e cig cartridges or cartomisers need to be replaced on a regular basis. E cigarettes are an environmentally friendly option, as it’s estimated that around 40 tobacco cigarette butts are equivalent to one of the e cig cartridges that are not refillable. This means that vapers can reduce the amount of waste they produce, and when they need to replace components or their actual device, they can make use of e-waste services that ensure items are recycled in the safest and most ecological way.
Tobacco smokers also tend to treat cigarette butts casually, and it's far likelier that one of these little fag ends will end up being eaten by unsuspecting wildlife or polluting a water source. Vapers tend to dispose of their e cig cartridges and other associated waste with a little more care, as they are not faced with an endless procession of waste after every smoke.
Overall, it’s been proven that vaping is better for the environment and that e cigarettes are reducing the negative impact we have on the planet.