E Cigarette Sales Experience Ongoing Upward Trajectory

Since they first hit the market just a few years back, sales of e cigarettes have continued to rise at a rapid rate. It's already a billion-dollar business, and in 2014 sales in the U.S. alone more than doubled, and they continue to increase exponentially. 
All across the globe the sales of these electronic devices, as well as e cig refills and e liquids, have eclipsed consumer analysts’ expectations. The cost-saving prospect of making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to the electronic version has also been major contributing factor to the popularity of these devices, smokers are increasingly making the change to vaping.

Increased Awareness

It’s not just smart marketing that’s seen this industry grow dramatically - it’s also been smokers increased awareness and the fact that the law makes it almost impossible to light up in a public place. Vaping is cleaner, almost odourless and doesn’t have a pungent smell, making it far more socially acceptable to others and ensuring that it’s less invasive and does not leave a lasting impression.
Being able to vape in a number of places has made it a more accessible way of enjoying nicotine, and consumers' heightened awareness regarding the use and benefits of these devices has definitely increased their popularity. 

Continued Industry Growth

The lack of regulations regarding e cigarettes has also contributed to the immense growth of the industry, and although tobacco companies still enjoy a larger number of sales, they are experiencing some stiff competition. As regulations surrounding these devices are put in place, their popularity doesn’t seem set to wane, as using an electronic device is a much better option than smoking tobacco.
The availability of e cigarettes in online stores has also had a major impact on the growth of this industry, as many consumers prefer this type of shopping. As you do not need to buy a packet of cigarettes every day, the convenience that this offers is just another bonus of vaping.
The enormous range of e cig refills and other components also make vaping an attractive option, and being able to mod your device or choose from one of the multitude of flavours on offer can prove irresistible to former smokers. The industry shows no sign of slowing down. If anything, more consumers will continue to discover exactly what these hi-tech devices have to offer and stub out their analogue cigarettes for the last time.