Celebs Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

For years, old-school Hollywood glamour was immortalised by stars that were photographed in clouds of smoke, and Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and James Dean were often pictured puffing seductively on a tobacco cigarette. Fast-forward to the new millennium, and stars that were spotted smoking in public were subject to criticism about their filthy habit. Thanks to the electronic cigarette, however, celebs can puff away in style, and many famous faces have been seen enjoying vaping.

A Celeb Stamp of Approval

Just some of the high-profile celebs that have been spotted out and about vaping include Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Leonardo Di Caprio and Lady Gaga. All of these celebs have a huge influence on trends and are often seen to be leading the pack when it comes to the latest fashions. As they have made the switch from an analogue to an electronic cigarette, it’s clear that there’s a new generation of smoker that cares about the impression they make and that prefers vaping to the smelly, chemical-filled alternative. With many people keen to emulate the stars, the seal of approval from big names has ensured that vaping is an activity that’s going to continue to attract more and more positive attention.

Marketing by the Stars

In addition to the paparazzi sneaking shots of the stars enjoying their e cigs, many celebrities have got behind the biggest brands in another way - by becoming the face of e cigarette companies' marketing campaigns. Actor Steven Dorff was one of the first celebrities to publicly endorse a brand, and he was soon joined by Jenny McCarthy, who graced billboards and major media publications with an ad campaign. It’s been said that these stars are the Camel or Marlboro Man of the new generation, and when Johnny Depp used his e cigarette on a train in the hit movie The Tourist and explained that he was in fact not smoking in a smoking area, these devices were given a massive boost in credibility.
With celebs openly switching to e cigarettes and enjoying vaping in public places or getting behind advertising campaigns, it seems that Hollywood has once again made smoking cool, but this time round it really is.