Can Vaping Make You Smarter?

It’s been proven that nicotine can have a beneficial effect on those who are stressed, and any vaper will tell you that a few draws on their e cigarette calms them down and helps them focus. But it seems that nicotine doesn’t just have a calming effect; it can also make you smarter.
This may sound like a tall tale, but according to over 40 years of research by scientists Kjellerup and Ipsen into the effects that nicotine has on the human body, this could be one of the more surprising of the benefits that vaping offers.
Vape Yourself Clever
Kjellerup and Ipsen have proven a number of points in their studies, and one of these is that nicotine can make your brain up to 30% more efficient. This means that you’ll remember more, retain information better and be that little bit smarter. Nicotine has also been proven to make you more attentive and to boost your memory, and smokers or vapers have been shown to have more brain stamina than those who don’t enjoy a regular intake of nicotine. 
Your e cigarette lets you monitor and regulate the amount of nicotine you inhale and allows you to enjoy a satisfying experience that doesn’t come with any of the chemicals that are usually associated with smoking. This means that you can still enjoy nicotine but in a far cleaner, safer way, and your chances of boosting your brain power are even better.
Your E Cigarette Keeps You on the Ball
Interestingly, it’s been proven that vaping is one of the best ways to ingest nicotine. Nicotine gum does not have the same effect, and a patch is very much diluted. Studies have shown that those who stop vaping could see their brains suddenly work 25% less effectively than before, and for those who have built up a nicotine dependency, there are other side effects that are also not always desirable.
Fortunately, if you do want to reduce your nicotine intake, the e cigarette is the perfect tool, as e liquids are available in variable levels of nicotine concentration. You can start with an intensive amount of nicotine and cut down as you go along, and even the smallest amount of the substance has been shown to relax you and have a positive effect on the brain.