Are Vaping Bars the Next Big Thing?

We’ve heard of juice bars, water bars, vodka bars or even oxygen bars, but one of the newest trends seems to be a vaping bar. Resembling a candy store, a vaping bar offers e cigarette users the chance to not only vape in peace but to also try out new flavours of e liquid or special customised ‘house blends’ - much as you would in a coffee shop. With the smoking ban in restaurants or bars, the e cigarette has become an excellent alternative, but with certain establishments banning these devices too, vaping bars could very well be the next big thing.

Big Business

Vaping has become a multi-million-dollar industry, and businesses that have capitalized on what started as a trend and has grown to be an accepted subculture are enjoying great success. One of the first vaping bars was opened in New York, and it featured an array of e liquids, the opportunity to try out devices that had been modded and a range of specially mixed custom flavours. Comfortable couches, a bar and the opportunity to vape in a relaxed, informal environment were on offer, and many people who had yet to try e cigarettes found themselves visiting this place to test them out. There are now several vaping bars across the US, and in Europe they are starting to appear too. In time, vaping bars could become as popular as the smoking section in a restaurant once was, and it gives vapers the chance to meet and mingle with other like-minded people at their leisure.

An Official Subculture

Vaping has definitely created its own subculture, but instead of it being a small elite sector it’s grown rapidly to include a huge number of people. Those who have made the switch to an e cigarette after smoking tobacco will find that the social stigma attached to vaping is drastically reduced and that they are subject to a lot less criticism. With vaping bars opening their doors, there are now also places to enjoy your e cigarette and discuss the ins and outs of these devices and their workings with others.
Vaping bars could well be the next big thing, and with the market for these electronic devices growing so rapidly, they should be welcomed with open arms.